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TAM56505 1/14 Motorized Support Legs 1/14 Semi

TAM56505 1/14 Motorized Support Legs 1/14 Semi

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This is the Tamiya set of Motorized Support Legs for the 1/14 scale King Hauler kit.

  • Black colored
  • Made of plastic and metal
  • Adds great scale realism
  • For the 1/14 scale Tamiya King Hauler kit

Two AA battery cases
Two battery case connectors (these are used to connect the 2 battery
One battery terminal A
One battery terminal B
One coupler plate A
One switch plate
One 28 teeth / 12 teeth counter gear
One 36 teeth / 10 teeth counter gear
One 40 tooth gear
One inner spring
One 2x67mm threaded shaft
One ¾ x 4¾ double sided tape
One shift gate (used on the transmitter as a guide)
One 5x40mm rubber tubing
Two metal racks
Two metal rack pinion
Two 5mm washers
Two 3x7mm bronze bushings
One brass hex hub
One brass rod nut
Two coupler nuts
Two 4mm e-ring
Four 3x3mm grub screw (aka hex screw)
Two 2mm washers
Nine 2x8mm screws
Six 2mm nuts
Two 3mm nuts
Two 3x8mm screws
Two gear box halves (Black molded nylon)
One hitch plate (nylon)
Two nylon swivel arms
Two nylon mounting arms
One RS-29 motor
One tube of silicone grease (¼oz for the gears)
One servo plate
One worm gear (acts kind of like a pinion)
Two return springs
Four rack springs
One 2x50mm threaded shaft
One 20x20mm double sided tape
Three nylon adjusters (aka 4mm ball cups)
One 4-way wrench
Two joint cups
Two pinion shaft
Two 5x8mm bronze bushings
One drive shaft
One hex wrench
One ON/OFF switch
Two 4mm ball connectors
Four spring pins
Two 2mm e-rings
Five 2.58mm socket head cap screws
Thirteen 2x8mm screws
Four 3x10mm flanged screws
Four 3x6mm flat head screws
Three 3x8mm self tapping screws
One trailer hitch (nylon)
Two nylon leg guides

One Standard Servo and Four AA size batteries.